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Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational organization that fabricates imaging and optical items, including cameras, camcorders, steppers, scanners, PC printers and therapeutic gear. Its printing gadgets have changed the standard of printing advances and increased current standards in its own particular standard. Actually, for a long time, Canon was the main organization that was the important maker of the print motors found in industry-standard laser printers. Canon printers are conveyed with Canon¬†Advanced Printing Technology (CAPT), and a printer driver programming stack created by Canon itself. It has an extensive variety of items and its BJ arrangement of printers incorporate different models including: BJ-5, BJ-10E, BJ-10EX, BJ-20, BJ-30, BJ-30v, BJ-100, BJ-130, BJ-130E, BJ-200, BJ-200E, BJ-200EX, BJ-220JC, BJ-220JC II, BJ-220JS, BJ-220JS II, BJ-230, BJ-300, BJ-330, BJ535PD, and BJ895PD. Canon BJC arrangement alludes to inkjet printers and in light of the fact that its inkjet printers allude as bubblejets, consequently this arrangement has the incessant BJC-prefix and incorporate models like BJC-50, BJC-55, BJC-70, BJC-80, BJC-85, BJC-85W, BJC-210, BJC-210SP, BJC-240, BJC-250, BJC-255SP, BJC-600, BJC-600e, BJC-610, BJC-620, BJC-800, BJC-1000, BJC-2000, BJC-2010, BJC-2100, BJC-2110, BJC-3000, BJC-4000 to Canon BJC-8500. Its “I” arrangement incorporates the model Canon i70, i80, i250, i450, i450X, i455, i455X, i470D, i475D, i550, i550X, i560, i560X, i850, i860, i865, i900D, i905D, i950, i960, i965, i990, i6100, i6500, i9100, i9900, i9950, 50i, 80im, 450i, 455i, 470PD, 475PD, 550i, 560i, 850i, 860i, 865R, 900PD, 950i, 960i, 990i, 6100i, 6500i, 9100i, and 9900i. Its different arrangement are SmartBase arrangement that incorporates models like MPC190 otherwise known as F10, MPC200 otherwise known as F20, MPC360, MPC370, MPC390, MPC400 otherwise known as F30 (in light of S600), MPC600F otherwise known as F50 otherwise known as T-Fax 7960, F60, F80 and MultiPASS Series has C20, C30, C50, C70, C3000, C3500, C5000, and so on. Canon additionally presented PIXMA arrangement that incorporates Canon PIXMA iP1000, PIXMA iP4800 (iP4830), PIXMA iP4850, PIXMA iP4900 (iP4930), PIXMA iP6100D, PIXMA iP7200 (iP7230), PIXMA iP7500, PIXMA iP90, PIXMA iP90v, PIXMA iX6500 (iX6530), PIXMA MG2200, PIXMA MG2440,, PIXMA E480, PIXMA Pro9000, PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II, PIXMA Pro9500, PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II, PIXMA PRO-1, PIXMA PRO-10, PIXMA PRO-100, and so forth. Its DS700 and DS810 models are inkjet printers, and different models are warm colour sublimation printers that utilization ALPS innovation. Its SELPHY arrangement incorporates different models like Canon SELPHY DS700, SELPHY ES1, SELPHY CP-10, SELPHY CP780, SELPHY CP1200, and S arrangement has Canon S100, S200, S530D, S9000, and so forth.

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